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Want a personalized program that fits your needs and goals? I have created workout plans that follow a simple and effective routine that anyone can do. Whether you go to a gym or want to workout at home with no equipment, I will create a program that works best for you. The best part is… you can do it all from your cell phone. Check out my app here

I offer two programs-

Customized online training

What is it? 

Customized Online Training is for clients who want to workout at home, have limited time to train, or want a gym program that is handmade based on the individual needs. Client chooses times and days for workouts. This program is completely created for the user.

How much? 

No equipment home workout plan- $30.00

Personalized Gym Workout plan- $60.00


MicheleFit Online Personal Training

What is it? 

What is Michele doing? Follow my exact workout plan. MicheleFit online training program is designed for strength while maintaining a lean figure. This is a simplified program that anyone can modify based on individual fitness levels. The program is best five days a week, Monday-Friday and weekends off.  With a mixture of body building, crossfit, and high intensity interval training, this program will never leave you bored in the gym again.


20 training days- $9.99 a month

60 training days- $24.99 a month

120 training days (best value!) – $39.99 a month

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