The Simplest Meal Plan Ever- What I Eat in a Day

This post is a little different and much shorter than previous posts. Instead of giving you statistics and tips, I am just going to straight up tell you what I eat in a day. It´s not a diet, it´s a lifestyle. I’ve previously mentioned the importance of consistency. I eat almost the same thing Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday are a little different because of social gatherings, different sleeping schedules, or there is a tub of ice cream and everyone deserves a little dessert. I have tried counting calories, intermittent fasting, the paleo diet, and carbohydrate back-loading (read more about it here). Over years of experimenting with my diet, I am tired of all the complicated details that go into various eating plans. If you are looking for some Macro counting/carb cycling complex diet or some creative recipes, then that’s great, but I’m just doing me here. I am still learning more and more about my personal nutrition and what is best for me, and as most of my readers know, I am all about #keepingnutritionsimple. May I present to you, the easiest meal plan EVER.

A few things to consider-

  • I train at least 1 hour a day- 5 days a week… hard.
  • I am an elementary physical education teacher and a personal trainer so I am always on my feet. In result, I am hungry all the time.
  • I have a dairy allergy so I avoid a lot of milk products
  • I live in Bolivia, so my healthy options are either hard to find or they do no exist.
  • I drink one glass of water before and after every meal
  • I am not a competitive athlete. I don’t need massive amounts of calories or protein.

5:45am– wake up (SUCKS!)
Pre workout/ no food

6:00-6:55am– Workout

7:30am– Breakfast
Coffee (and by coffee… I mean a double americano with steamed milk made by my boyfriend)

4 ingredient Protein shake
-Half a cup of soy milk
-Scoop of protein powder (about 25g of protein)
-One banana
-Teaspoon of glutamine (only after a heavy lifting session)

I used to do the fancy 10 ingredient breakfast shake, but I have gone down to 4. Why? Because it’s easier and still tastes great.

9:30- Snack
A protein bar or hard boiled egg (Aiming for at least 10g of protein)
Peanut butter or other nuts

Another snack option-protein balls made with oats and peanut butter

12:00- Lunch
-Lettuce, beets, cucumbers, cabbage
-About 8oz of chicken or lean beef
-Hard boiled egg

½ cup of Lentils or beans
Sweet potatoes or other vegetable for carbs
Vegetable soup (Bolivian vegetable soup is made from scratch with very limited amounts of sodium)

This is not the prettiest food to the eye, but it tastes delicious. Vegetables with some light dressing, lean beef, beans, and some lightly fried eggplant. All courtesy of my school’s salad bar.

4:00 -Snack
whole wheat crackers

6:30 or 7:00pm- Dinner
8 oz of any kind of meat
Sauteed vegetables with beans
½ cup of rice

Nighttime- Snacks and Dessert
Best part of the day! This is not a one time treat… but every night.
1 cup (or 2) of Red wine
A piece of chocolate or two cookies

A non edited, makeup free, photo of my nightly routine. Not pictured- some kind of chocolate or sweets that I never regret


Take away tips

-Everyone is different. You know that already. I am not telling you what to eat or that my meals are the perfect plan, but it works for me and I am staying a good body fat percentage.. and I feel great.
-I am so tired of looking at complicated plans filled with tiny details and 8-10 meals a day. It is exhausting, and I find it annoying. Keep learning and experimenting and find out what works for YOU.
-Keep your diet consistent, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a little sugar, salt, fat, or whatever food tastes delicious once in awhile . Life is too short to be on a strict diet.

Treating ourselves to some cheese, prosciutto ham, and olives in Bolivia’s wine country. Not part of a balanced nutritious meal… and that’s okay.

Have more questions? I would love to hear them! Comment below

Keeping Nutrition Simple


Y ahora… En español


El Plan de Comidas Más Simple: Lo Que como en un Día

Este post es un poco diferente y mucho más corto que los anteriores. En lugar de darles estadísticas y consejos, sólo voy a ir al punto de que como en un día. No es una dieta, es un estilo de vida. He mencionado anteriormente la importancia de la consistencia. Yo como casi lo mismo de lunes a viernes. El sábado y el domingo son un poco diferentes debido a las reuniones sociales, diferentes horarios de dormir, o una copa de helado ya que todo el mundo merece un pequeño postre. He tratado de contar calorías, ayuno intermitente, la dieta paleo, y la carga de carbohidratos (leer más sobre estas dietas aquí). Con años de experimentar con mi dieta, estoy cansada de todos los detalles complicados que entran en varios planes. Si ustedes están buscando contar sus macros/ dieta de carbohidratos complejos o algunas recetas creativas, entonces eso es genial, pero sólo lo estoy haciendo aquí. Todavía estoy aprendiendo más y más acerca de mi nutrición personal y lo que es mejor para mí, y como la mayoría de mis lectores saben, soy todo acerca de mantener la nutrición simple. Voy a presentarles el plan más fáci que existe.

Algunas cosas a considerar-

Entreno al menos 1 hora al día, 5 días a la semana … Una hora muy intensa!!

Soy profesora de educación física elemental y una entrenadora personal así que estoy siempre en mis pies. A consecuencia, tengo hambre todo el tiempo.

Tengo una leve intolerancia a los productos lácteos así que los evito en cantidades grandes.

Bebo un vaso de agua antes y después de cada comida

No soy un atleta competitiva. No necesito cantidades masivas de calorías o proteínas.

5:45 am- levantándose de la cama (el primer sacrificio!)

Pre entrenamiento / sin comida

6: 00-6: 55 am – Entrenamiento

7:30 am – Desayuno

Café (me refiero a un doble americano con leche caliente)

Solo 4 Ingredientes en mi batido.

1. Media taza de leche de soya

2. 1 Cucharada de proteína en polvo (alrededor de 25 g de proteína)

3. Una banana

4. Cucharadita de glutamina (sólo después de una sesión pesada)

9: 30- Merienda

Una barra de proteína o huevo cocido (apuntando por lo menos 10 g de proteína)

Mantequilla de mani u otras nueces

12: 00- Almuerzo


-Lechuga, remolacha, pepino, coliflor

-Alrededor de 8 onzas de pollo

-Huevo cocido

½ taza de lentejas o frijoles

Papas dulces o otros vegetales para carbohidratos

Sopa de verduras

4:00 – Snack


Galletas de trigo integral

6:30 o 7:00 pm- Cena

8 onzas de cualquier tipo de carne

Verduras salteadas con frijoles

½ taza arroz

Noche- Aperitivos y Postres

La mejor parte del día! Esto no es en vez en cuando … pero cada noche.

1 copa (o 2) de vino tinto

Un pedazo de chocolate o dos galletas

Consejos para llevar

-Todos somos diferentes. Ya lo saben. No estoy diciendo qué comer o que mis comidas son el plan perfecto, pero mis comidas y aperitivos se acercan a ese objetivo.

-Estoy tan cansada de mirar los planes complicados llenos de pequeños detalles y 8-10 comidas al día. Es agotador, y lo encuentro molesto. Sigan aprendiendo y experimentando y averiguen qué funciona para ustedes.

-Mantengan su dieta consistente, pero no se olviden de premiarse con un poco de azúcar, sal, grasa, o cualquier alimento que sabe delicioso de vez en cuando. La vida es demasiado corta para estar en una dieta estricta.

¿Tienen más preguntas? Me encantaría escucharlos! Comenta abajo

Manteniendo la nutrición simple



14 thoughts on “The Simplest Meal Plan Ever- What I Eat in a Day

  1. Michele!! I love what you’re doing!! I think I missed the start of your blog but glad I picked up on it!! Hope all is going well in Bolivia!! I hope to be able to inspire people to go outside in the outdoors like you inspire people to be healthy and work out. I just got back from spring break and you’ve inspired me to do some pre school work outs, which I’ll hopefully start this week 🙂 Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Fran! It´s great to hear from you! I started the blog back in January, but as most great things go… it takes time for people to actually notice it :). I´m glad it has made you want to start working out again. The whole point of all of this is to help people find a lifestyle that they can carry on for a lifetime. I think you are already inspiring people to go outdoors thanks to your beautiful photos of Switzerland! They are amazing! Looks like you are living the life and I´m really happy for you.

      I´m only a message away if you want any tips or quick workouts. Keep in touch!

  2. Looks pretty balanced to me! I am a RD and I teach clients about balanced meals – carbs, protein, fat, and produce and that snacks should contain a protein or fat to help with satiety.

  3. I love this! My meal plan is kinda similar… I go to the gym at 6am 5 days a week, have my pre workout before (with no food) and then have my smoothie after. I’m usually really good at following my schedule until about 3:00 when I start running errands and everything goes to hell from there. It’s a CONSTANT work in progress so thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Love this! I eat almost the same exact thing Monday through Friday and I find it really helps to keep me on track. Your lunch sounds amazing and i’m going to have to try out that smoothie. I’ve recently become dairy sensitive so i’m still trying to find a soy milk I like.

  5. I have a similar diet Sunday- Thursday but my Friday and Saturday nights throw it all off. I need to be better on the weekends and with my exercise schedule. I will not be getting up at 5am like you though 😉

  6. Absolutely brilliant! I love your straightforward and honest approach. I can attest to the exhaustive routine of timing meals how much of what oh and eat every two hours GAH! Always felt like a failure because I could NEVER eat that much. Once I started to learn to listen to my own body – life changing! Thank you for this! Love it

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