About Michele

Michele was born and raised in Oklahoma. She attended Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. As a competitive cheerleader for 16 years with a passion for fitness, coaching and teaching Physical Education was an easy career path. She completed her internship at Lakenheath Middle School for the Department of Defense Schools in England. After graduation, Michele knew she still wanted to teach and travel.  She began her teaching career in international schools. Michele moved to Bangkok, Thailand and taught elementary school P.E. and high school Group Fitness at the Thai Chinese International School. She has continued her love for international teaching by currently teaching and coaching at a local international school at Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

Michele has a passion for fitness. With 13 years as a competitive cherrleader, her workouts tend to be high energy and full of life. She has been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, competitive crossfit athlete, and now a physical education teacher. She is constantly learning more about health and fitness to better herself and hopefully inspire others along the way.