Workout With Me

Want a personalized program that fits your needs and goals? I have created workout plans that follow a simple and effective routine that anyone can do. Whether you go to a gym or want to workout at home with no equipment, I will create a program that works best for you.

I offer two programs-

At Home Bootcamp

What is it? 

An effective training program that can be done ANYWHERE with NO EQUIPMENT. The movements are all with body weight movements. It is only 4 days a week for 30 minutes each session.

How much? 

Monthly price is only 10$ month. The best part is…. first month is FREE. 


 MicheleFit Online Personal Training

What is it? 

MicheleFit Online Training is the simplest program out there. It is easy to follow and very effective. I practice it myself and I share with my clients my simple approach that has built me into the strong and lean athlete I am today. You will receive personalized programs, an eating plan, and immediate feedback. Still not convinced? Be sure to read my testimonials on my homepage.


Try it out! First month is free!

2 days a week- 40$ a month

3 day a week- 55$ a month

4 days a week- 75$ a month

Ready to get started? It´s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Fill out the form on my homepage 
  2. Receive my email
  3. Download Trainerize Application on your smartphone to start the program